Upgrading Ionic Cordova

Recently I was tasked with upgrading a single Cordova plugin.

This seemed like a simple job which would give me a quick and easy insight into using Ionic and Cordova.

I was wrong.

I feel like I spent the best part of a week in the bowels of Cordova.

I ended up upgrading almost all of the plugins (and removing ones which were rolled up into cordova-android and cordova-ios).

Every time I restored the project (ionic cordova prepare) a different set of problems greeted me.

Some tips:

  • Check you actually need the scripts in the /hooks folder
  • Remove sections (not items) which begin 'cordova' from your package.json
  • Ensure the versions in your package.json match those in config.xml
  • Use the edit-config and config-file tags where needed instead of editing anything in /platforms or /plugins
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